My work on SimCity was a mixture of modeling, finalizing models, creating lot textures, rigging, animation, visual effects, and animating the Sims (Vignettes) that navigate around the buildings.

At Maxis, the majority of the art is worked on and modified by multiple people.  The pieces I have posted are the ones that I finalized and ended up in the game.  The rigging and animation systems were very limiting, which resulted in simplistic, yet created approaches to bring life to the cities.  All rigs for the standard buildings could not have any hierarchy, supported one vertex influence, and the animations were limited to only a beginning key and an end key.  The animation data is then adjusted in game using numbers to essentially allow animation between those two keys.  


For Cities of Tomorrow, I was in charge of getting the RCI team to futurize all of the buildings in time for ship.  I took care of the majority of the back-end work, fixing all corrupted scene files, handling most of the art technical problems that would arise.  I worked on adjusting and fine tuning the final modular assets along with getting tools ready to make sure the scenes would not become unstable or bloated.  The majority of the industrial buildings were rigged and animated by me.  I also took care of all of the Sims animations on the mega-towers along with the majority of the RCI buildings for the expansion pack.  Another team member and I also went through every single RCI building at the end to fix rigs, animations, or other model problems.

For the Amusement Parks DLC, I had created a new animation system called AniFX.  This allowed us to animate the rides with a full hierarchy along with all the frames needed.  The animation data was then piped through the Swarm visual effects system.  This was later upgraded in Cities of Tomorrow to take in the vehicle shader to allow glowing on the models.  I was in charge of rigging animating every building and ride for the Amusement Parks DLC.  Every model that used the AniFX system also required re-UVing and texturing, which I also took care of.


Scenic Games, LLC - Unannounced Project

Was in charge of modeling, rigging, texturing, and shaders

Mafia 2

Created high poly models, made blend shapes, and rigged characters.

BioShock 2

Upresed models, textures, and created custom shaders for marketing.


Upresed early version of models and textures using 3ds Max and Mudbox for a magazine cover.


Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Created high poly models and textures for marketing using 3ds Max, ZBrush, and Mudbox.



Character Studies